Jul & Mar

Two friends who shared a passion for exquisite and premium baby knitwear with more than 15 years on the Business and Baby Industry.

We aimed to provide expecting moms with a unique shopping experience that goes beyond a single baby outfit.

Our goal was to create a stress-free, memorable, and enjoyable shopping experience that provides everything moms need to prepare for their little one's arrival.

Expecting mom's need to be Stress -Free and enjoy the maternity journey!

Baby’s first outfit is not just clothing, it’s a special moment that deserves to be cherished forever.


 The Problem: 

The baby industry faces a significant challenge in meeting the needs of new moms and their families who seek a complete and stress-free shopping experience, while many expecting moms desire more than just a single baby outfit, finding a retailer that offers everything needed to prepare for their little one's arrival can be a daunting task. This lack of options and personalized attention often results in frustration and dissatisfaction among customers who struggle to find the right products or gifts.



After intensive research we identify new moms are not looking for a single baby outfit, new moms are searching for an experience making feel their baby and her is an unique and one of a kind moment. We design and care any details to provide a memorable, enjoyable, and stress-free shopping experience for expecting moms, family and friends. 

Everything moms need to prepare for the arrival of their little in one Luxury Box. 

 The luxury boxes of baby knitwear pieces made from the softest, highest quality materials, hypoallergenic fabric to protect baby skin. Each set is carefully packaged in eco-friendly wrapping and comes with a sensory experience, making it a special and memorable gift for parents.

Our goal as founders is to provide an enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience for our customers, one that exceeds their expectations and meets their every need. 


Provide a luxury baby knitwear experience that is not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly. We are committed to creating of baby knitwear products, the highest quality and timeless pieces that can be used for future generations while also minimizing our impact on the environment.

We are proud of the fact we have been able to create a shopping experience for new moms!

Today, Baboxie is one of the leading luxury baby knitwear stores in USA, with a loyal customer base and a growing reputation for excellence. We continue committed to provide an unique and memorable experience for parents.

Our Vision

We are committed to provide an exceptional shopping experience. we worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the business was based on providing a unique and enjoyable experience for our customers. Our dedication to bring quality and customer satisfaction is our hallmark of the Baboxie brand.