What to pack in your hospital labour bag

It seems that your third trimester is about to end and the little angle is arriving within a few days. 

Then what’s special? Obviously packing your hospital bag!

This small but most important packing could make parents overwhelmed. This packing confirms that the little guest will soon be in your arms but not naked, there should be some essentials along. 

Well, without taking much time, let's start today’s most important and demanding article which will surely guide you well. Before going below make sure those given lists are made under personal experiences and experts' choices. 

When To Start Packing The Hospital Bag? 

Before knowing what to pack in a hospital bag it’s more important to know when to pack a hospital bag?

As we all know that timing matters a lot especially when it comes to hospital days.

If a mother feels that the baby's birth is soon and her labor can start at any time – usually this happens in some sudden cases such as twins, triplets, or when baby’s growth stops then we must recommend you to start packing your hospital bag at 35 weeks. 

In normal cases, you may start this pretty packing within 37 to 38 weeks approximately – This way the mother will feel relaxed no problem if her labor gets started at any time. 

Rather than if a mother wants to get a jumpstart then she can buy all things to pack earlier – in simple language, it's all up to you when to start but the most considerable thing is what to pack.

What To Pack In The Hospital Bag? 

Make sure the packing will be divided into 3 parts including mom – Dad and baby, but here we’ll notify only mother and baby because we don’t know whether the dad will stay at a hospital or not.

Things to pack for Mum 

  1. Important papers: driving license, ID card, insurance Card, or any other essential documents that your healthcare provider asks you to bring to the hospital. Today people are getting smart and keep all documentation on their mobile to show at the time of their admission. 
  2. Nursing bras: you have to say bye-bye to your regular bras once you have a baby. In the market, there are many types of bras that might help you to feed your baby easily, so pack at least one nursing bar for hospital use. 
  3. Comfortable clothes: The majority of hospitals provide patient dress to wear but what when you get discharged? However, taking a comfortable dress is important. It should be easy to wear – yoga pants with maxi shirts will be a good idea to proceed. 
  4. Pads and underwear: I know that your hospital will give you both of these essentials but it’s not possible that you’ll like their choice; however putting your favorite maxi pads and underwear in the bag will be good to get enough comfort. 
  5. Bubblegum: You might get surprised but yes bubble gums should be in your hospital bag. Experts say that after C-section chewing bubble gums can help mothers to get an easy bowel no matter if they’re passing gas. 


Women who are pregnant

Things to pack for baby 

  1. Car seat: A car seat is a must before leaving the hospital; no matter if your home is nearer or not the baby will be safe in a car seat while going home. 
  2. Baby clothes: Newborn coming home outfits will be the most memorable outfit for the baby; parents can click some pictures in it. The twist is this if you do not know whether the coming guest is a baby boy or a girl then we must suggest you to put both a newborn baby boy outfit and a newborn baby girl outfit. Baby long rompers will also be good to carry for the hospital as they keep the baby safe to carry. 
  3. Baby blanket: Hospital blankets are unexceptional but what when you bring your baby home? Keeping a baby blanket in your bag will not be heavy but a relaying option to use in the hospital and after discharge.
  4. Baby nail file: I know the little nails are soft often but in some cases, they can be sharp and your baby can scratch, however keeping a baby nail file in your bag is important.

To Keep in mind 

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That’s all for hospital bag packing. I hope you’re all clear feel free to discuss it in the comment section and share your experience for other moms


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